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Hoorn en trompet in Rotterdam Centrum

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Relax and discover

I started studying music in Spain when I was 8 years and since then I never stopped. I was born in a place with a strong tradition of harmony orchestras. Since childhood I have enjoyed playing in harmony orchestras and make chamber music. As a child I enjoyed producing a loud noise on the horn. I have finished my Bachelor in Spain, but in 2015 I went to Rotterdam for my Master. I have been a teacher of the brass department of “Benimuslem Music School”, Spain, for 3 years. During that time I also gave masterclasses around my hometown. As a horn player I had the chance to play a few times with the “Rotterdams philharmonisch orkest” and the “Nationaal Jeugd Orkest”.


Music should be a pleasure not a duty

Ever since I started playing at the age of 8, I’ve also enjoyed teaching. My goal as a teacher is to give the pupils the freedom to explore in a relaxed atmosphere, so they can really enjoy the music. Music should be a pleasure, not a duty.




Allround teacher

French Horn (hoorn) is my specialty, I did a Bachelor and Master French Horn. But in addition to this, I can also teach trumpet and trombone.

The Trombone is an instrument of the brass family and it main characteristic is the slide. It predecessor was the Sackbut although nowadays is less popular. The Trombone is played in different styles like classical music or jazz and on different ensembles like orchestras, big bands or jazz bands.

The Trumpet is together with the Horn one of the first brass instruments of the history. It range is very high and together with the trombone it is part of many ensembles. The sound of the Trumpet is especially bright.

Get started!

The lesson is divided in different parts. At the beginning, we do buzzing (zoemen) and technique in order to get in contact with the air flowing. I like to do exercises according to the level of each student. Next on, I focus my lessons on playing etudes or concertos depending the level. Finally, if you are a beginner, I like to work on arrangements of famous songs or soundtracks.

For the first lesson you don’t need anything, I will provide the material.
Would be nice if you already bring the instrument on the first lesson,
otherwise we will work on mine.

I teach at my home studio, you can take a look at the location above.

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