Tomas Boto

Saxofoonles en klarinetles in Den Haag Centrum

About me

I’m a Portuguese saxophone player that resides in The Hague since 2015 and has, since then, been an active musician in both the music scenes of The Hague and Lisbon. During this years I’ve done a Bachelor and Masters in Jazz saxophone at The Royal Conservatoire and because I love teaching and I’ve been involved with it in all sorts of ways. I taught private students from 12 years old to 60 and I also gave music lessons to young children (ages 5-10) in an elementary school.

Saxophone lesson

The saxophone is a vehicle for your expression in music and it offers a wide range of possibilities for you to accomplish that. As such, during the saxophone lessons we will talk not only about the technical aspects of playing the instrument itself (embouchure, breath support, fingerings) and fundamental music theory (chords, scales, rhythm) but also how to connect these things in an expressive and creative way and how use them as tools to shape your own voice. Improvisation and/or the ability to hear and play things by heart is something that is very valued in the lessons and you can expect a lot of things to be taught in the oral tradition of exemplifying and repeating.

Most of my education is in Jazz but I enjoy and have been involved in other genres such as classical, pop and folk and I’m happy to delve into your preferred genre of music. I’d be delighted to teach you whether you are a beginner starting out or already a more advanced player. I have material that I use as a method for teaching saxophone technique and other music skills and I find that the best approach to the lessons is to combine it with music that you enjoy and want to play.

Clarinet lesson

During my years in the Conservatory I also did a minor in clarinet and I also play the bass clarinet. The clarinet lesson is meant for the beginner clarinetist starting out or the saxophone player that wants to double on the clarinet. We go through the technical aspects of the instrument and focus more on classical repertoire and etudes.

I can teach in English, Portuguese, Spanish and I also speak Dutch to a basic level.

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