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I couldn’t imagine my life without music. When I was 7, I just grabbed the violin and sticked to it until today, that I’m 23. Have I ever wanted to give up? Sure! Music a demanding art to master, but it gives plenty of satisfaction at every step at any level. My biggest passion is playing with others – especially in chamber music ensembles -, and with big and bigger orchestras. In 2019, I played with NedPhO, in Amsterdam, as an academist. But I also love playing alone – in 2018, I performed a solo violin recital for the Embassy of The Netherlands, in Beirut – and as a soloist in Italy and Bulgaria (Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Mozart violin concertos, Beethoven Romanza in F, Thais Meditation, and many more).
I was born in 1997 in Venice (IT), graduated cum laude aged 18 in Padova (IT); bachelors (2018) and masters (2020) at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Beside that, I travelled a lot in Europe and played for some of the greatest violin maestri in masterclasses and international competition juries.


Teaching to someone is also teaching to myself, that is why I respect it so much. Music is an art which requires great discipline. Within my 5 years of teaching experience to all levels and ages, I learnt that every student is different, therefore I always have to adapt my content to their own way. Particular attention is given to the body (posture, with some elements of Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais) and to the mind (I wrote my master thesis on Focus: “Fear vs Flow”), guaranteeing a happy and healthy learning experience. A lesson with me usually lasts 50 to 60 minutes (if your child is very young, a lesson might last half hour) and usually sees the following structure: 1. warm up and approach to the instrument; 2. a game; 3. repertoire; 4. theory aspects (if needed); 5. go through new assignment. Repertoire takes up most of the lesson (20 to 30 minutes).

  • unsure about which instrument to BUY/RENT? I will help you find a good one! Get an idea of the rental prices here or here
  • you would like to have a TRIAL lesson before buying/renting a violin? That’s not a problem: I have a spare instrument (for adults only) you could use for the duration of the trial lesson.
  • prefer the lesson to be AT YOUR HOUSE? If it is an easy reach by bike from the Centrum of Amsterdam, I can come to you for a small extra fee!
  • 0,000 experience with music? No worries: our first few lessons will be violin-less and rich in melody, rhythm, and notes games!
  • what if lockdown comes back? No worries: I have experience teaching (and being taught!) from remote. I will guide you through every step.


Kinderen zijn dol op muziek. Ze weten het gewoon nog niet! / Children love music. They just don’t know it yet! Or… if yours is already obsessing you about wanting to play the violin, just give me a call, and we can start anytime. We can speak English, Dutch, and if you like, Italian (that’s my mother tongue).

For the very young: games, songs, dances, notes-colouring and much more to let your young child have fun and discover their musicality, including material suggestion for entertainment for during the week. Keep in mind that your child will probably start playing on a 2/4, or 3/4 size violin, depending on the arms’ length, and will need to upgrade once or twice over the years according to their physical growth: my suggestion here would be to begin with a rental instrument. A lovely couple of music lovers in their 60s will kindly advice you the best fit for your child in no time. You can take an appointment with them via their website: . The option “les aan huis”/”lesson at home” is requirable in the booking process if within an easy reach by bike from the Centrum of Amsterdam, otherwise, you are welcome in my home-studio in De Wallen.

Is there a best friend who would like to join – even just once to try? The more, the merrier!

I prefer to see you in person rather than from distant, but I prefer to see your face rather than a mask! Let’s save travel exposure and video-call! All you need is a smartphone. I have 6 months experience giving and receiving lessons remotely. I will guide you through every step.

For any further questions, I am reachable here: just use the form below to send me a message, or book directly a trial lesson!


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