Rudolfs Ozols

Pianoles, basgitaarles, gitaarles en muziektheorie in Schiedam

Guitar teacher

Hi. You want to start learning guitar? Great! My name is Rudolfs Ozols and I can teach you everything you need to know about the guitar! I am a musician from Riga, Latvia. I have been studying music since I was 5 and started playing guitar at the age of 8. In high school I studied jazz in Rigas Doma kora skola and in 2015 I moved to Amsterdam to study pop music in the Conservatory of Amsterdam. I graduated in 2019 and since then have been active in the live music scene playing gigs all over The Netherlands and teaching kids in Amsterdam. I also am a member of latvian band The Bad Tones since 2013 and we have been nominated for the best debut, best video and best rock album in Latvia.

Learning guitar can be a lot of fun even for beginners, because the progress is very noticeable and rewarding. I want to give my students the right tools, knowledge and motivation to find their own voice in music and express it. I believe that you don’t need a “talent” to be good at something, you just have to put in the work and you will get there. The main styles I teach in is rock and pop, but I can also provide with information about other styles like jazz, blues and even metal.

Guitar lessons

The topics vary according to the skill level of the student. For beginners I will start with the right techniques, hand positions, coordination and basic theory knowledge. Also immediately set a goal to reach. It can be a song, number of songs, a solo part etc.

For intermediates I can help taking it to the next level. I can teach you how to learn songs faster. I can provide with deeper understanding of the theory and how to apply it on the guitar, neck knowledge, tone, advanced techniques, scales etc. For intermediates a lot depends on what the student is interested in learning.

Theory lessons

I can teach you basic theory knowledge and how to apply it in live playing and writing. Chord structure, scales, circle of fifths, degrees, and answer questions like “What am I playing here?”, “Why does this work and this doesn’t?” and “What am I playing wrong?”. For me theory has helped me to learn more than 1000 songs really fast.


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