Pietro Frigato

Pianoles, songwriting, muziekproductie, gitaarles, muziektheorie en compositieles in Rotterdam Noord en via videoles


Hello! I’m Pietro, a passionate guitar and music theory/composition teacher with ten years of experience in both children and adults music teaching. I developed through the years a method focused on creativity, improvisation, maieutics, learning by doing, practice before theory to let the student understand and give value to his/her own way of learning and have the best learning experience. I developed a personal method to introduce children (6 – 10) to the music using improvisation and to boost their innate creativity through drawing, dancing, composing, and creating their own music notation.


The main instrument I always expressed my creativity and passion through is, without any doubt, the guitar. I love how it sounds and how it looks and the music culture related to it. It’s just exciting how different generations and cultures used these instruments in several different ways in the last 100 years. It’s the instrument that introduced me to the fantastic world of music, and I love to introduce my students or to walk with them on a new unexplored personal guitar path. My teaching method includes songs covering (based on the music genre you prefer), analysis, music theory, composition, and improvisation, at any level.

Composition and Music Theory

I graduated in music composition and theory in 2017; I chose this path because, in my opinion, music cannot exist without creativity. And one of the best ways to express your creativity is by creating music! Together we will understand the basics of music composition, and we will learn the music theory practicing music! One of my favorite mottoes is the theory after the practice! Let’s unchain your powerful creative skills! My teaching method includes composition based on the instrument you play, songwriting, music theory, ear training at any level.


The piano is one of the most fascinating instruments in the world, that’s why I created a method to introduce children to this fantastic instrument. I hold a Piano course for children and beginners based on creativity, improvisation, and learning by doing.


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