Oriol Marès Duran

Ukeleleles, klarinetles en muziektheorie in Rotterdam en via videoles

Musical biography Oriol

About my education, I grew in an educational center which prioritizes the human voice and the learning by the experience of choir. We competed in  International Choral Festival in Cantoniròs, Spain (2008) and Cantemus in Nyíregyháza, Hungary (2010) and thanks to those experiences my sense of discipline and musical control grew. From 2015-17 I studied Classical Music in Isaac Albéniz Conservatorium (Girona, Spain), where I obtained an official teaching title; 2016-2017 jazz harmony with Mr. Lluís Vergés; 2017-18 First Year Bachelor of Musicology in ESMUC (Barcelona); jazz clarinet with Mr. Xavier Figuerola. I attended as well in some courses, such as XIV and XV International Clarinet Course in Prades and also the ClarinetFest2018 in Ostend, Belgium. I had the pleasure to be part of the masterclass of some big names, such as: Ricardo Ríos,Horacio Fumero, Miguel Ramos, Jonathan Hadas, Anton Weimberg, Anat Cohen, Paquito d’Rivera, Giora Feidman. As of today, I am majoring in Latin Clarinet with Mr. Alex Simu in the World Music Department, on Codarts –University of the Arts (Rotterdam).

Urge to create melodies

My first contact with music was with percussion (darbuka, cajón…) and at 9 y.o. I started to play the clarinet because I felt the urge to create melodies rather than just rhythms. I have been growing up with classical clarinet fundamentals until now, but when I was 15, he discovered the concept of Jazz and the world surrounding it as well as Klezmer music. He always wanted to combine the classical musical approach with the creativity and freedom of Jazz and henceforth, learning and merged them with his true passion, improvisation music.

About my music professional experience, in 2014 I became a creating-member of Sant Swing Bocombo, a jazz ensamble; I also set up a Klezmer performance called Racons of Klezmer (Klezmer’s Hideout) on the Jewish Museum of Girona; April 2018 I was working on a project with the artist Antoni Miralda called Santa Eulalia’s Procession, in Barcelona; Karizma Flamenco Band with performance in Amsterdam; RadioTour Holland 2019 with Ricciotti Orchestra, among others.

Teaching experience

About my teaching experience, I was a teacher of two schools of music, teaching clarinet to children, adults, and improvisation theory as well. Last year and this last summer I was the responsible of music teaching of Creactiva’t – COCU Foundation, a pedagogical project which works with children certain topics, such as future or Bauhaus through different art disciplines.

Clarinet lessons

Would you like to learn one of the instruments which has more style possibilities? Would you like to know why many composers say that is a very powerful instrument because it fits in may situations? Did you know that in the Klezmer history clarinet substituted the violin for projection reasons but also because perfectly able to imitate the human voice, crying or laughing?  Would you like to discover the fascinating world of clarinet?

One of my priorities as a musician is the sound. I believe that with a beautiful and personal sound you are able at every level to transmit emotion and meaning, doesn’t matter the difficulty or the level. So I try to focus first on awareness of what’s beautiful for the student and what’s not. Then through technique and repertoire (suggestions of the student or suggestions of mine that can help to grow the student curiosity) we develop the student knowledge.

I’m always helping the student to understand -depending his/her the theoretical level- what we are doing, putting together music and theory. And giving tools to expand their border, in all levels. I have knowledge and experience in Jazz, Classical, Klezmer, Choro Music and Improvisation.

You just need a precious element which is completely free: curiosity!

Music Theory lessons

I focus on having a good basics, spending as much as we need to understand every single thing, because then with times it becomes more easy. I try to help the student simplifying the material, because then, we only with ourselves with a good procedure of the basics to solve any problem. Only with one trial lesson you will understand what I mean.

I have experience in preparing students for exams, the ones for the semester as well as any official exam; doesn’t matter if you have a intermediate theory level and you want to improve, or if you would like to be stronger solidifying the knowledge you have (which is always the best option), or if you don’t know anything about notes and music concepts and you would like to be familiar with them. Maybe you are an adult who always wanted to improvise but doesn’t know where to start…?

The only thing you need is a good organization -which I can provide- to reach any goal!

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