Nadine Makalew

Pianoles, zangles en songwriting in Rotterdam Delfshaven

About Me

My name is Nadine, I come from Indonesia and I play several instruments but piano / keyboard is my main instrument. In order to pursue my music career, I moved to Germany in 2015 and studied for bachelor in major songwriting. Recently I am doing master of keyboard performance in Pop department at Codarts. I discovered my music interests since I was around three or four years old. I grew up in classical environment and joined church choir because of my grandparents. Later I joined the classes by Yamaha Music School Indonesia. Still as the time goes by, I started to develop my music interest into popular modern musics. Since then I’ve had improved my experience throught bands, ensembles, gamelan groups, etc. By now, I have experience by playing in many different events like coverbands, festivals, session players as a backing vocals, keyboard and co-songwriter. In between, I have been teaching quite frequently for kids in Germany specialize for choir and bands.

Learning Music

If you want to learn how to play piano / keyboard or you might already know how to play? It’s never too late to start over and try to make it perfect. My approach would involve a lot of listening, different approaches and different styles. My main focus of the lessons is to aim the singer / songwriter to help them able to play and sing at the same time. I would love to help you through the process of learning piano and vocals at the same time. Below you can see which courses I offer:

a. Pre – music education kids

( Group of 2-3 people) / English and German only

Here you will be able to learn the kids how to feel the rhythm of music by dancing, clapping, recognize the sound of the instruments by playing it or singing ( solfeggio )

b. Vocal lessons

( Technique, Harmonies ) / English and German only

Vocal style: Pop, R&B, Soul, Gospel, Rock, Blues

The main method of the vocal lesson is from Complete Vocal Institute, Catherine Sandolin. Here you will find it not only able to sing but able to understand the anatomy of your voice and try not to exagerate the vocal chords.

c. Piano lessons

( Technique, Jazz, Listening, Harmonies, etc ) / English and German only

I will be able to give you all informations regarding this intruments from the scratch ( for someone who never touched and played the instrumentt yet LOL ). Stylistically would be pretty mix from classic until the modern and improvisation.

d. Songwriting

( Introduction ) / English and German only

These days recoding your own song become very important. Here in this lesson i can help you by writing the lyrics and give you some advices how the sounds should be and more importantly is also to produce the song by your own.  Style : Modern songs ( Pop, Soul, EDM , etc )

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