Miriam Osoro

Vioolles en muziektheorie in Utrecht West en via videoles


My name is Miriam, and I love to travel, learn about different cultures, and meet new people. I started to play violin when I was 3 years old, and my first contact with an orchestra was when I was 8, so music is all my life! In my opinion, it’s essential to learn music, it helps you in your daily life and also to know more about yourself. Age doesn’t matter! For me, music is about love, passion, and sharing.

I offer violin lessons for adults and kids as from 4 years, without the need for prior knowledge of music theory. My priority is to make sure each student feels motivated and enthusiastic about learning, our goal should be to be the best version of ourselves. I am always adapting to each student, different kinds of music, needs, wishes…

Every musician needs to learn how to have a good and healthy posture and a positive relationship with music and the instrument. Constancy and love for music are what make you a better musician.


Bachelor’s Degree, Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid (Madrid, Spain).
Actually, I’m studying Master of Music (performance and education) in Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (Tilburg, The Netherlands)


I have more than 4 years of experience teaching violin, music theory, and piano for beginners. It’s never too late to start to learn how to play an instrument!


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