Massimiliano Dosoli

Compositieles, muziektheorie, klarinetles, saxofoonles en gitaarles in Rotterdam Delfshaven en via videoles

Why The Clarinet/Bass Clarinet?

I actually started playing music on the Guitar when i was 13 yo. The Clarinet came into my life later, around 18 when I started listening to Jazz music. One day I entered one room in the Conservatory and heard for the first time a Bass Clarinet, from that day I was in love with this instrument and I started practicing up to 5 or 6 hours every day. In three years I graduated in Siena Jazz University (that is the most prestigious school of jazz in Italy) and since then I make my living out of playing this beautiful instrument. I will be forever grateful to the Clarinet and I want to share the love for this instrument as much as I can. This is why I love to teach.

With me you can go from the basics of the instrument (Sound, Embrochure, technical exercises, Classical Music excerpts) to a deeper knowledge in the field of Jazz, Pop and world music. Even Rock if you want (Specially on the Bass Clarinet).

The Clarinet is I believe one of the most versatile and underrated instruments, if you would ask me when I was 15 yo about playing the Clarinet, I would have say that its a boring instrument and that I would never play it. This is Exactly the reason I want to teach and show the power of this Instrument to the younger generations.

Why Composition? 

I Became a composer  when i started my Bachelor at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory), before I used to write some songs for my bands, but I wouldn’t consider those songs “Compositions”. Composition for me is “the art of shaping music out of your own creativity” . I think the word “Composition” is often seen as something old and boring, or the work of musical geniuses that normal people cannot understand. This is not true. I see composition mostly like playing with Lego Bricks and this is also the way i approach teaching it. It doesn’t matter how much do you actually know of music theory (of course it makes life easier if you’re already at a good stage), because you will learn it and get better during the process of Composing.

In my lessons we will both analyse the work of great musicians (from Bach to Ellington, to Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead), create some small pieces of music for solo instrument (a piece for Piano for example), deepen the knowledge of music notation (using software such as Musescore or Sibelius) and electronic music (Composing on Ableton or Logic).

Why Guitar?

The Guitar was my first love, I started playing at the age of 13 and even if It is not my main instrument, I still enjoy a lot playing the guitar. The beauty of the guitar is that its such a versatile instrument, you can play literally every genre of music on it. In my course we will go through the basics of the Guitar, from the most common chord progression so you can finally accompany your friends when they want to sing at the beach, to scales and arpeggios and even rock guitar solos (Pink Floyd, Deep Purple etc). I can explain you the theory behind all this music, and trust me it’s easier than it sounds!

Why Saxophone?

Coming from the Clarinet , I can also play a little bit of Saxophone. This beautiful instrument can enchant you with his warm tone. In my course we will look at the basics of sound, technique and articulation and we will learn some simple melodies and famous songs from the history of Jazz.


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