Marta Gonzalez

Celloles en basgitaarles in via videoles

Love at first sight with the cello

The first time Marta González saw the cello, she knew it was the instrument for her. Marta González is a cellist with a classical and jazz/modern background. Following his dreams and passion for the instrument and music, he decided to continue his musical journey and is now a bachelor / master student at Codarts. With over 7 years of teaching experience, Marta wants to continue to inspire, motivate and guide students who share the same love for this instrument.

Traditional teaching methods

At the beginning of the lessons Marta focuses completely on the wishes of the student. With this, you begin to listen, watch and repeat. Paper and scores are not used in the beginning. She begins to use the traditional “Teacher / Student” method. Begin your own musical journey and book your first lesson today!

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