Kateryna Vinitsky

Zangles en muziekproductie in Rotterdam Overschie

Find your own unique voice

Kateryna Vinitsky is a voice coach, singer, songwriter and producer. Her main direction is Healthy voice building for singers and public speakers, taking off all mental and muscle blocks for a better voice and stage performance. A few examples of techniques she uses are Belcanto, CVT (Complete Vocal Technique), speech level and yoga breathing for a stronger voice. Her specializations include: Pop, musical, electronic dance vocals, backing vocals & harmony and public speaking.As a teacher who came from Ukraine she has already learned the Dutch way of teaching and lesson planning and combines goals, motivation with a clear and understandable explanations with a “gezellige” time during the lessons.

No problem too big to solve

My Specializations are voices after a mechanical or mental damaging process.Then I can help you using my methods! Have you ever heard that “you can’t sing”? Lost your voice due to screaming, illness or metal blocks? Afraid to be on stage, either singing or speaking? And are you between the ages of 6 and 106? Then I can help you using my methods!I use different explanation for different people and situations and work with the problem until it solved together with deep muscle relaxation and mental freedom. With kids, we learn voice through games.

Working based on personal, musical goals

We would make a plan for your vocal lessons based on your wishes, and goals.Maybe you would like to make a specific cover song or your own, but do not know where to begin, or you would like to find your voice from the beginning or recover it? Then we will find together your true goal and work on it. But it does not mean, that your lessons will be boring like one routine. We will have lots of fun, so come with comfortable clothes and shoes to get your own voice freedom. Book your first trial lesson, let you vocal adventure begin!

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