Ivana Kovač

Pianoles en muziektheorie in Rotterdam Centrum, Den Haag en Rotterdam Centrum

Beschikbaar: Rotterdam en Den Haag

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Real & Captivating

If you pressed only the black keys it would take you to the Far East, if you played Mozart’s miniatures you would become a member of a prominent court in the 18th century, if you added voice to it you could be on the stage with your favorite rock band, or if you slightly scraped strings beneath the wooden lid while holding the sustain pedal- it would take you where no man has gone before!Stepping into those sounding spaces always felt real & captivating, empowering an ordinary girl with quite some magical tools. Fast forward few years, different conservatories & new cities – and as if nothing has changed. The roles are bit different but the idea is the same. Now I help empower people to keep in mind their own music worlds, and to arrive there in the easiest and the fastest way. In order of those values, there is an approach out there that’s enlarging your individual potentials and together we get to discover it.

Creative music making

Most often many consider period of years needed before making any representable music idea. Now, while refinement is indeed a travel for itself, there is a more instant surprise on the road.It happens a lot that over the course of playing together for only 3 or more months students start pointing out huge improvement in concentration, decision making and especially in – creative thinking. So teenagers, college students, programmers, managers, designers, engineers and all sorts of modern people suddenly start getting feedback from their surroundings about being immensely creative in different areas of life. That is because it starts spilling over from the creative music making.

Behind the curtains

And for me, over the years of teaching, the most interesting thing became to be that there hasn’t been one in the same sound excursion, not one in the same lesson, and let alone the same student… so every teaching day is a new trip. That’s the true essence how most of us teachers keep on enriching our own sound dimensions. As for me, it started with curiosity, and for the same reason, it gets going with full speed on.Piano Lessons Feel what it means to fully give your hand to piano, and which colors come out accordingly. We will carry that feeling when we listen and take each new piece. Bonuses of this approach are: easier & faster way of learning, lesser practicing time, results that stay with you for years after, and plus we get to focus more on the sound. Perhaps even with our eyes shut.

Music Theory: Here’s your chance to profoundly understand how music functions. We will take a round “behind the curtains” to reach the true logic of the music flow. You are guaranteed knowledge for lifetime that you can pass around easily. Choose from: chord progressions & harmony, learning how to build your own melody, or creating a whole new composition. You can also learn solfège to help yourself recognise the sounds of your very dearest song after hearing it just once.

Describe your idea, and we’ll figure out all the tools to get there.


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