Imanol Casan

Pianoles en muziektheorie in Den Haag Centrum en via videoles

What to expect from my piano lessons

I work in a very intuitive way, building a technique and musicality step by step. I adapt to every student, and I prepare different materials depending on the taste and the goals of the students, creating a creative and safe environment. I have been working as a piano teacher in Bilbao, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and The Hague. I have experience with individual and group lessons.
My youngest student was 4 years old, and the oldest was 68. Do you want to play the piano? Never is too early or too late, try it!

Musical biography

Thanks to music, I met amazing people, and I discovered amazing countries in the past recent years. In 2013 I moved from a small town in the north of Spain to Barcelona, and I started my Bachelor in Classical Music in Barcelona. A scholarship allowed me to live an incredible 4 years in the Mediterranean city, learning from the outstanding pianists. When I finished, I had the impression that moving to another country would place my playing at the next level. I moved to the Netherlands in 2017, and after studying at Amsterdam Conservatory, I moved to The Hague.

These last years have been full of new experiences, and I had the opportunity to perform in The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Germany. I especially remember the moment when I performed Mozart Concerto in C minor as a soloist, with the Wassenaer Orchestra.

Sharing the learning process

I always found it very inspiring to share my passion with other people. Music is about communication, and sharing the learning process with more artists motivates me to continue working. I appreciate a lot the connection I create with my students in the lessons. I spent my whole life improving my piano playing, and I love to share that knowledge with other people. Somehow, I learned a lot from my past teachers, and I feel that I need to continue spreading their heritage.

In some way, I feel very connected to my students. I still remember the moment I knew I wanted to play the piano. I was 4 years old, and I visited with my parents a small music school close to home. My eyes stared at that big, brilliant, and black instrument. What was that? Is that a magical, weird closet? After more than 24 years playing it, I can say it is not a closet. However, it is magical for sure.

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