Gonçalo Repolho

Vioolles in Rotterdam Charlois

Violin performance

My name is Gonçalo and I’m a Portuguese violinist with teaching experience with pupils of all ages and abilities.

Classical music always intrigued me and because of that my parents introduced me the violin when I was 8 years old. At the age of 15 I ingressed in a professional music school where I started my in depth studies of music. After finishing the professional school I moved to Lisbon where I finished my bachelor in an orchestra academy in Lisbon and then to Rotterdam, having finished my Master’s degree in Codarts in violin performance studying with Natasja Morozova.

During my studies I had 3 years of experience in teaching violin to pupils of all ages, beginners and advanced in Portugal and Luxembourg. I have helped coach group sessions in violin teaching for schools as well as taking several string group sessions and quartet rehearsals for younger students.

Violin lessons

Enjoyment is the key to quick and efficient learning especially at a young age. Developing the ear, sense of rhythm, sense of relaxation as well as teaching the instrument itself is vital in making a versatile musician which consequently facilitates the student to try all sorts of new things. This ultimately will let the students fully enjoy what they are learning and playing, either if they are learning for fun or with future prospects.

The lessons are aimed at students of all ages and levels and can be given in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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