Florin Mantale

Pianoles in Amsterdam Amsterdam-Zuid


Florin Mantale, one the most promising Romanian Pianist of his generation, has always been fascinated with performing and the amazing way teaching can improve the life and personality of each and every person. With an experience of six years of teaching and 14 years of performance fundamented at Conservatorium Maastricht where I graduated with 10 and currently finishing my master’s degree at Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the  great pianists and teacher Naum Grubert, I am able to make a considerable change into student’s training.

Piano lessons

I don’t teach standard courses! I make every student a new project and a new course in which he/she enriches personal goals and together with the right support and knowledge we can build a music personality! From the age of 4 until 70 you my students develop musical skills that allow them to be creative and unique in what they are willing to express through music.

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