Federico Castelli

Gitaarles in Rotterdam Delfshaven

Cum laude in jazz

Federico is an Italian guitarist based in Rotterdam. After moving to The Netherlands as an exchange student, he graduated cum laude from the Jazz Academy of the Rotterdam Conservatory in 2013, where he also received his master’s degree in 2016.

Radiohead and Jeff Buckley

Federico started playing the guitar at the age of 13 inspired by the music of Radiohead and Jeff Buckley and is now best known for his lyrically-driven approach to music and his attention to sounds. Since he moved to Rotterdam he has been active, both as a teacher and as a guitarist in all kinds of musical situations from jazz to pop music and all that is in between. His musical journey includes collaborations with The Alessandro Fongaro 5et, Dick De Graaf New Quartet, Roest, Jo Goes Hunting and Carol Might Know.

Find the method that fits with you

I believe that in music there is no system that is going to work for everybody, so if your goal is to learn the basics, how to play your favorite songs, to refresh your technique, to improve your improvisation skills, exploring your own sound or passing the admission at a conservatory, your journey would be structured around your very unique personality and capabilities. In your first lesson I would be indeed aiming at understanding your level, ambitions and last but not least setting your goals and making a plan to how get there in the most efficient and fun way together.

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