Esther Fernández

Vioolles in Government of Rotterdam en Rotterdam Noord

Musical education

Hi! I’m Esther Fernández Olalla, I was born in Madrid in 1994 and since I was 7 years old, music and the viola have been with me. I studied my Bachelor degree in Madrid with Thuan Dominh, and after that, I came to Rotterdam to undertake my Master studies with Karin Dolman. As I graduated my Masters in 2018, I decided to continue my life in The Netherlands. I also did two courses of Psycho-pedagogy of emotional intelligence and Treatment inattentive, impulsive and hyperactive students, with Nebrija University.

Flexibility and discipline

For me, being a teacher is something I’ve always seen linked to my way of being, my way of playing and my way of studying. Thanks to the excellent pedagogues that I had throughout my career, I understood that teaching is something that is learned as the years go by and that flexibility and discipline are great qualities when it comes to teaching. Thanks to the students that I have been having at this time, I have been able to forge my study methods that best suit each person. Either children or adults of any level, since music is something that has no age for me.

Start violin-viola lessons

Was playing violin or viola always one of your biggest dreams, but you’ve never had the time to do it? Now you can! I will give you the basics of the technique and you will be really soon able to play tunes and songs!

Are you amateur and you don’t want to lose your skills and be ready for your rehearsals,  but also don’t be over-pressured? You are welcome! We will work together in the orchestral and chamber music parts you need to practice and we will do technical exercises for being in shape!

Are you a semiprofessional that wants to apply for a conservatory? I will help you make the plan and the correct decisions that better fit with you and we will work in detail all your pieces without forgetting the technique and the joy of music.

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