Edoardo Liberati

Gitaarles, muziektheorie en songwriting in via videoles

Musical biography

My music life started when I was a kid, and started with playing piano. Curious fact, I didn’t like it! Things drastically changed when I heard a song by Queen, “It’s a Kind of Magic”. I was blown away! And after I’ve heard the guitar solo even more! From that moment on I decided that music had to fill my life, with guitar as a main guide. After high school I decided to undertake the professional musician career and I applied to a Jazz school in Rome (Italy). After that, I moved to Rotterdam successfully completing the bachelor course at “Codarts”.

Guitar, Harmony, Song-writing, Sight-Reading & Singing

I’m able to offer a broad and deep knowledge on everything that concerns guitar, harmony, song-writing, sight-reading, singing. I’m here to help students finding their own way to practice and achieve skills that would allow them to perform and enjoy the instrument and everything that the amazing world of music can offer, transmitting my passion towards this world to whoever wants to learn. My specialty can of course be recognized as Jazz since it’s my main field, but I’m of course able to guide the students in many different music styles since I come from a Pop and Rock background.

Guitar and songwriting lessons

Learn your favorite songs, going along with basic skills allowing the student to start playing rhythmic parts and solo parts. It takes time but all the effort you put on it will pay off!

-Learn harmony in a fun and practical way. Everything will be connected to songs that would make the whole process not only theoretical. I believe this is the best way to dig into this field.

-Learn how to read music sheets starting from simple rhythmical etudes to more complex ones and move later to melodic reading and harmonically simple classical etudes. It took me some time but this is also very important on the music progress of any student (if the students wants to learn and if has sufficient skills to dig into that).

Write songs! Besides loving to play my instrument, I love to compose songs as well. I can guide any student that wants to dig into this field, speaking about basic arranging and composing skills in a Pop, Rock and even Jazz context.

Lesson approach

After a brief talk, I can start working on student’s requests on specific topics. For instance, if you want to learn a song, we can start digging into that, allowing me to find ‘connecting points’ to other related subjects that can help to grow the general overview of the learning process. The lessons will be a sort of dialogue where on one hand I’ll guide you on certain aspects, on the other hand leaving you freedom to discover things on your own without feeling blocked or constricted.

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