Dávid Parádi

Trompetles en tromboneles in Rotterdam Noord


Dávid is a Hungarian tenor trombone player based in the Netherlands and recently graduated Master of Music in Classical Trombone performance at Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam.

He has been an active performer during his career. He has performed with Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest as an academist trombone player and additional trombone player at Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra. He also had tour performances with St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre Orchestra in France and Moscow Ballet Theatre orchestra in the United Kingdom. Besides active performing, he also won several competitions, such as 2nd Prize from International Brass and Percussion Competition in Debrecen; Special Jury Prize and 3rd Prize from the Corpus Trombone Quartet Competition in Budapest.

Teaching Classical Trombone

As a teacher, Dávid has been involving in Classical music education for 4 years, beginning by giving trombone workshop at his hometown Tiszafüred and later on coaching secondary students during his Bachelor studies at University of Debrecen Faculty of Music. Since age 10, he played in the local Wind band in Tiszafüred as a trombonist and euphonium player for 9 years. Therefore, he has a thorough knowledge in different kinds of brass instruments methodology which he could give effective advice for developing any level of brass playing.

Teaching in Jazz, Folk, and Pop Styles

Apart from classical music, Dávid has also experience in different genres playing, including jazz, folk and pop.

Jazz: During his studies in Bachelor, he was part of Debrecen Big Band as a trombonist. The Big Band has been collaborating with famous jazz artists performing jazz, blues, funk, pop and fusion. With this knowledge, he can distinguish different kinds of playing techniques of particular styles.

Folk: Furthermore, he was a tenor-horn player in a folk band based in Miskolc, Hungary, which was his first experience in folk music playing in brass instruments. During his Master studies, he wrote his artistic research about the Hungarian folk-derived elements in contemporary music.

Pop: He interest in pop music was first inspired while playing in Debrecen Big Band that mentioned above. Moreover, he was taking Creative Producing as Minor subject at the pop department in Codarts Rotterdam, thus he has knowledge about how to shape sounds including pop elements with different kinds of Digital Audio Workstations.

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