Daniel Denis

Gitaarles, basgitaarles en muziekproductie in Rotterdam Delfshaven, Den Haag Laak en via videoles


Hallo daar! Mijn naam is Daniel Denis en ik ben een gitaar- en bassist. Ik heb jazz en onderwijskunde gestudeerd aan het conservatorium Codarts. Tegenwoordig ben ik druk bezig met het schrijven van muziek en het managen van mijn project AMAGUK. Daarnaast werk ik op verschillende internationale scholen als instrumentale muziekleraar! Ik geef al jaren les aan studenten van alle leeftijden en muzikale achtergronden. Op dit moment heb ik 2 volledig uitgeruste muziekstudio’s waar ik mijn lessen geef. Ik geef ook thuis les en videolessen!

Motivation is the key!

Daniel is a guitarist, bassist, composer, and bandleader from Madrid, Spain. He studied jazz guitar at Codarts, Rotterdam. He fell in love with music for the first time at the age of 10 when he started taking piano lessons. Later on, he would continue with the bass and the electric guitar. Although Daniel has a background in improvised music, he has a profound connection with rock, world music, and pop as well. For the last 6 years, he has been an active music educator and private teacher. He is currently teaching bass and guitar at different international schools such as the European School and the British School of The Hague. He is also giving guitar group lessons at The Shore in Scheveningen. For Daniel, the most crucial factor in music teaching is motivation. For him, motivation is what makes musicians study and get better every day. There is no better motivation for Daniel than learning your favorite songs and being open to new music!

Guitar and Bass!

In his lessons, Daniel will help you with different techniques, repertoire, harmonic theory, sense of rhythm, and managing your study time, among many other things. He opts for a structured and organized study routine filled with exciting goals an achievements to keep your motivation always high. “After a great lesson, there is no better feeling than wanting to go home to practice what your teacher showed you!”
Daniel is the bandleader and composer of his personal project, AMAGUK. They made it to the finals of the prestigious Erasmus Jazz Prize 2019, where he was awarded as Best Soloist of the competition.

Composition and Improvisation

Composing a beautiful song and playing a great solo are not such distant concepts! Improvising is composing in real-time while composing offers you a way to develop your musical ideas to the next level. Daniel Denis has been an active player and composer in different projects and styles for the last years. For him, composing is a different experience for every student. But there are tools, concepts, methods, and ideas that will help you create your very own music. Listening and analyzing your favorite music can be the best exercise of all!

Home studio and home production

It is a reality that now, more and more musicians record themselves at home, and many great productions are done from the comfort of your own living room. Daniel studied sound engineering and studio recording in his hometown Madrid. He will help you setting up your studio and learning about the importance of compression, equalization, microphone techniques, mixing, and editing your songs. Daniel works with Logic and Protools and has produced the records for his band AMAGUK.

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