Çiğdem Okuyucu

Zangles en udles in Rotterdam Noord

Anatolian & Ottoman Music

Çiğdem Okuyucu is an Ud player and singer specialised in Anatolian Folk Music and Ottoman Classical Music. Besides growing up in a musical family she joined many musical events and clubs in her early ages till her university years. Keeping the music passion by the side, she did her bachelor and master studies of Computer Engineering in Turkey. In 2012 she migrated to the Netherlands for her engineering career and besides that, she had given concerts in several cities in the Netherlands. With the help of this welcoming musical vibe, she decided to study Turkish Music at Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. During her studies, she continued giving concerts and followed many music workshops from names such as Yurdal Tokcan, Katerina Papadoupoulou, Ömer Erdoğdular. She also spent a year in Istanbul just to deepen her knowledge about Turkish Music and she worked with Can Etili, Ayşegül Altıok and Mehmet Bitmez at ITU State Conservatory.Currently, she is conducting the Rotterdam Classical Turkish Music Choir, working on her own projects and giving concerts. She is giving lessons for Ud for beginners level and singing lessons for all levels.

For the trial lesson only, an Ud will be provided for the student. However, the student will bring her/his own instrument to the normal lessons (there is always support for the search of a good instrument.)Lessons take half an hour or an hour depending on the request of studentFirst working on posture, how to hold the instrumentRight and left hand exercises to improve the relationship with the instrumentSimple exercises for the positions on each stringWorking on songs of interest and apply the techniques Information about Turkish Music Theory Maqams and Rhythms in case of a request
Lessons take half an hour or an hour depending on the request of the studentStarting with the awareness of breath, relaxation exercises to improve the correct style of breathing.Working on the posture of the body, understanding of vocal muscles, diaphragm.Vocal exercises according to the level of the student, person-based exercises.Working on songs of interest and apply the techniques Information about solfege and Turkish Music Theory (Maqams and Rhythms) in case of a request

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