Celia Cortés Manzanares

Pianoles, zangles en muziektheorie in Rotterdam Delfshaven en via videoles

Piano performance & Music therapy

Hello! My name is Celia. I’m a pianist from Spain and I’m currently studying Music Therapy at Rotterdam Conservatory.

  • Since July 2020, I work as a Music Therapy intern in Florence, The Hague.
  • I obtained my degree in piano performance in 2016.
  • I have performed concerts as a soloistin duo with other pianists and with major ensembles/orchestras.
  • I am currently part of a musical trio in the Netherlands where we perform pop, jazz, arrangements and compositions by our singer.

All these experiences together gave me the flexibility to work on the repertoire and to understand the different needs of my students as a teacher! 🙂

As I’m currently studying Music Therapy, I also use all my knowledge in combination with music therapy skills, especially with people who demand a different experience during a music lesson. Some of the techniques I currently use are:

  • Active performance
  • Free improvisation (Bruscia Techniques, Axen Rose…)
  • Guided music imagery (GIM)
  • Receptive music therapy (song lyrics exploration, listening to music fragments with and without guidance, creation of a playlist with favorite / hated music…)
  • Neurologic music therapy (NMT)

All of them can be explored by the student without any previous knowledge or preparation, so it is very useful when in the middle of the lesson you need a break or when you just need to connect with yourself, for example. You can always have a trial session if music therapy arouses your curiosity 😉


During all my musical career, I’ve been enormously interested in the voice and its use. Even though I don’t consider myself a professional singer:

  • I’ve been receiving singing lessons since 2012 to 2016.
  • I’ve singed in professional choirs, performing solos and soprano parts in classical repertoire and in debuts from different relevant composers.
  • I use my singing skills constantly during my work as a music therapist and as a teacher.

I can show my students how to use their voices in a healthy way, and also accompany them as a pianist with all kinds of repertoire. This can be a really positive experience in order to gain confidence and performance skills.

Music theory

In the majority of cases, I explain and offer all kind of information related to music theory according to the repertoire that my students work during piano and voice lessons. However, and if you’re interested in getting to know what’s behind of the music as a universal language, you can also contact me. During my theory-related lessons:

  • You can get to know the musical notation, which will give you freedom to read music scores by yourself
  • You can train your rhythmic skills, with challenging and funny exercises.  Be ready to move your body 😉
  • You can listen to the music from a different perspective: getting to know about intervals, chords, distances, timbres…
  • You can get to know about history. Bring questions, topics that arouses your curiosity… and we will search and analyze information and pieces together 🙂
  • Use all together: As a performer, composer… or just as a listener who loves to search for more sides of the music!

Learn & explore

During more than 10 years of experience as a teacher, I have worked with all kinds of people: children, adults, people with disabilities, families… I’m quite flexible and able to adapt my way of teaching to the circumstances!

I like to work individually and in groups. Each way has its own advantages!

In my lessons, I use all methods I could experiment with myself among my piano career; I’m also always open to new knowledge, repertoire, and ways of working that my students may propose to me. It’s fascinating how I never stop learning new repertoire and kinds of music, thanks to my students!!

I try to offer it in a different way for every student according to their needs, with creativity and a relaxed ambiance where the student can learn and explore. Each person has his/her own rhythm… which, in my opinion, is very important to respect.

In this Uncertain times…

Due to the current situation, and taking into consideration that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to keep the distance during a piano/voice lesson, I try my best to guarantee the security of both my student and myself during my lessons. 

The use of a mask for people older than 12 years old is highly recommended in my lessons. I will wear it for sure :). All the hygienic services will be provided (gel, alcohol for the keyboard before and after every lesson…)

I also offer online lessons in a funny and doable way :). Programs like zoom and skype  are quite effective for music lessons and it can be a fantastic option for those who prefer not personal contact yet 🙂


Music needs a bit of commitment. It’s like a plant: a bit of water every day is much better than a lot of water just one day per week! However, every plant is different, and in the end, the important thing is that you feel happy and motivated during your learning process. This is also extremely important for me, so I always try my best to help my students in that aspect. The enjoyment of music (and everything) makes you learn much faster, don’t you think?

Feel free to ask any kind of question!

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