Bernat Gili

Fagotles, gitaarles, pianoles en muziektheorie in Den Haag Segbroek en via videoles


I started learning music when I was five. When I was eight I saw a bassoon for the first time, I felt in love with it and I started having lessons.

When I grew up I became influenced by recordings conducted by musicians such as Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Frans Brüggen or Jordi Savall. This made me rediscover a lot of repertoire, and I started playing on copies of original bassoons from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I think his specialization gave me more insight when playing music from these period and enriched my vision on the evolution of classical music.

I would like to share my passion for music and the bassoon with my students. I think that a critical way of reading music from the past is essential in order to bring music to the present.

Bassoon lessons

I studied modern bassoon for more than ten years in Barcelona with Josep Borràs and Maria Crisol, and then specialized on historical bassoons with Donna Agrell. I hold a Bachelor and a Master on Historical Bassoons. In my lessons we will focus on understanding and giving meaning to music pieces, either easy or more demanding ones. In order to do that I will give you a good technical basis, but I understand this might not be a priority for everyone. I always prefer to focus on the enjoyment of music and the reflection around its meaning. If you are having a first experience with music, I will give you a bit of music theory as well. I am open to teach students in any level -beginners, advanced or professionals. In a trial lesson, we will discuss which are your goals, how much time do you have to practice and what do you expect to learn with me, so I can know which are your needs. You don’t need to bring an instrument for the first lesson, you can play with one of mine. If you need to rent a bassoon, I can help you finding one that suits you.

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