Asim S. Halwarvi

Pianoles in Rotterdam Charlois en via videoles

Always more to learn

“It doesn’t really matter at what level you are, there is always something more to learn. I will work on your piano technique from the basics. These include your posture when you sit to play, the flexibility of your hands, your aural skills, and your improvisation skills. I will teach you how to interpret the sheet music expressively. It will develop your aesthetic for piano music. You will experience all-round development as a pianist and a performer.”

Experience around the world

Asim S. Halwarvi is a classical pianist and composer, who is currently studying electro-acoustic music composition at Codarts, University of the Arts. He studied piano performance under the guidance of Dr. Surojeet Chatterji, an alumnus, and the recipient of the highest degree in piano performance of the Moscow Conservatory, Russia. His unique method of playing by transferring the weight of the body into the keys allows him to have fluidity and a deep connection at the piano. He has been teaching piano performance and improvisation to many beginner and advanced level students in India. He has also been educated in the Indian Classical music tradition, and he improvises using the ragas/ modes on the piano. His compositions have been performed in India, Canada, England, Hungary, and the Netherlands.


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