Anastasiya Akinfina

Pianoles in Den Haag Laak en via videoles


Hi, my name is Anastasiya Akinfina. I’m teaching piano and harpsichord. At the moment, lessons take place at the student’s place, but from October, it will be on the Binckhorstlaan. Both children, as well as adults, are welcome to learn an excellent technical grounding and …enjoy making music! I also offer fun, comprehensive, and motivating online piano lessons for intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions!

During your beginner piano lessons, you will learn how to name all the notes on the keyboard, a correct finger placement, hand and sitting positions, scales, key signatures, and you will learn a wide variety of musical pieces, how to read piano music and learn about musical terminology. My vast experience of keyboards of all types gives you an ideal opportunity to be inspired in all kinds of classical repertoire.

I love baroque music and would like to share my love, teaching to play the harpsichord! Want to learn to play and realizing from a figured bass line? Let’s do it! I would mainly recommend Harpsichord lessons when you already have a basic level of keyboard skill. If you find it interesting to play on funky old instruments, not only harpsichord but also on early pianos, you’re more than welcome!  All you need is the desire to try it!

Piano, harpsichord, forte piano and basso continuo

Born in Moscow, I began studying the piano at the age of six. In 2006, upon entering the piano class of the Gnessin Special Music School, I began studying the harpsichord. From 2009 – 2014, I studied at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire piano, harpsichord, and historical fortepiano, chamber music, and basso continuo.

I took part in many international masterclasses and workshops in Russia and Europe. I received various awards from festivals and competitions playing the piano and harpsichord. I collaborated with distinguished musicians.

I’m a versatile performer and teacher. I like the music of different times and styles (from the late Renaissance to today). Since 2016 I studied the harpsichord, fortepiano, and basso continuo in The Netherlands. In 2019 I got my Master’s degree in harpsichord playing at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where at the moment, I’m doing the Artist’s Certificate in fortepiano playing.


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