Alkistis Labropoulou

Pianoles, zangles en muziektheorie in Rotterdam Delfshaven en Rotterdam Delfshaven

Een Gedreven En Veelzijdig Vocalist

Born in Athens, Alkistis started piano at the age of seven and got involved in Choirs at a very young age. She graduated from the Music High School, specializing in Classical and Greek Folk music.This led her to study Musicology in Athens in classical piano but soon she realized that her biggest passion was singing.After singing in bands like 8espesious small band, Midnight sound & Jazz Hug Quartet, she continued her studies in the Netherlands and now specializes in Improvisation and Jazz music (Masters)As a professional musician, she has performed in many venues and festivals in Greece, Belgium and the Netherlands.Her music is inspired by: Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Herbie hancock, Joshua Redman, E.S.T, Esperantza Spalding etc.

Exploring the Voice and Musicality

Alkistis loves to teach and explore the voice and musicality of every unique person. Her goal is to show the way to her students how to develop a healthy way of singing, bring out all the possibilities of the voice, extend the range and explore the colours. The most important is to enjoy music and singing and through exploration find the direction that they want. Alkistis is specialized in Jazz Singing but also in other styles of modern music like pop/rock/soul and Greek music. The lessons contain:- Vocal technique(breath support/posture/range/intonation/sound colors/pronunciation/articulation/CVT technique)-Phrasing & Improvisation-Repertoire & Direction-Stage Presentation, Expression & Story telling-Music theory, Solfège & Ear training

Piano & Music Theory

Alkistis also teaches Classical piano for beginners and harmony for the piano (Jazz/pop).She has been working as a piano and music theory since 2009.The lessons are focusing on technique, repertoire, sight reading, harmonic analysis and music theory.

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