Alkistis Labropoulou

Zangles, pianoles en muziektheorie in via videoles

A Driven And Versatile Vocalist

Alkistis is a Jazz & world music singer from Greece currently living in the Netherlands. Alkistis is a versatile musician who loves to explore different musical genres. She begun her singing career with pop & rock ’n roll as well as with soul & funk music. Her passion for improvisation & jazz music brought her in the Netherlands were she studied deep this genre. During her studies along side with jazz she got involved in projects of latin, tango and Greek music.  Her experimentation and involvement in learning different music styles of the world together with her love for improvisation  identified her by using her voice as an instrument with a non-word approach as well as arranging folk music of the world in different languages like Spanish, Portuguese and her native language Greek.  Odd meters, eastern melodies, latin vibes, non-word singing and jazz improvisations is what you can expect from her music!

Full Bio

Born in a musical family in Athens/Greece, Alkistis developed an interest for music since a very young age. This led her to attend the music high school of Pallini in Athens where she was trained in western classical and Greek folk music. She studied Musicology in Athens University (Bachelor degree) and in parallel classical Piano. Later on she decided to follow her biggest passion which was jazz singing.  She obtained a bachelor degree in jazz singing from the Royal Conservatory of the Hague(NL) where she focused on bebop and scat singing and afterwards she continued for master’s at Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam (NL) at the jazz improvisation domain. During her master’s she focused on modal jazz improvisation. This led her to connect with her mediterranean roots and combine Greek folk modal music with jazz elements and the opposite.

Until now she had the opportunity to meet and perform with great musicians from all over the world and sing in several venues and festivals in Europe. She collaborated with different kind of bands in Greece, the Netherlands and Belgium like 8espesious small band, Midnight sound, Pentology, Jazz Hug Quartet, Vanila swing, Trio del sol, ‘Duospheric’, Coaster duet among others and she is currently leading her Quintet “Alcestis Quintet” with original compositions and arrangements on modal jazz & folk tunes from Greece and latin America.

During her studies she attended workshops by important musicians such as : Jay Clayton, Kurt Elling, Michael League, Bob Stoloff, Marcus Miller, Snarky Puppy, Kristin Korb, Norma Winstone, Judy Niemack, Barry Harris, Ravi Coltrane, Joshua Redman, Fay Claasen, Sussane Abbuehl  and more.

Alkistis is currently working on her first album with original tunes with modal jazz direction.

Singing lessons

Exploring the Voice and Musicality

Alkistis loves to teach and explore the voice and musicality of every unique person. Her goal is to show the way to her students how to develop a healthy way of singing, bring out all the possibilities of the voice, extend the range, and explore the colors. The most important is to enjoy music and singing, and through exploration, find the direction that they want. Alkistis is specialised in Jazz Singing but also in other styles of modern music like pop/rock/soul and Greek music.

The lessons are containing:

  • Vocal technique (breath support, posture, range, intonation, resonance, sound colours, pronunciation, articulation)

  • Phrasing/Improvisation

  • Repertoire/direction

  • Stage presentation/ story telling

  • Music theory/ solfeggio/ear training

  • preparation for entrance exams in Conservatories for Jazz/pop/latin departments

Piano lessons

Alkistis started taking piano lessons at the age of 7 and she obtained a classical piano degree in 2009. With a lot of experience in teaching, she can show you how to play classical repertoire and/or your favourite popular songs.

​The lessons are containing:

  • Technique

  • Repertoire

  • Sight reading

  • Harmonic analysis

  • Music theory

  • Basic improvisation

Music Theory lessons

Alkistis studied Musicology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has a lot of experience in teaching music theory, classical & Jazz harmony since 2009.

The lessons are containing:

  • Music theory

  • Harmony

  • Solfeggio

  • Ear training

  • Dictation

  • song-writing

  • preparation for entrance exams in Conservatories

Languages: English, Greek, basic Dutch, basic Spanish

Book a trial lesson and discover your talents! I look forward to working with you!


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