Alicia Cerrada Fernandez

Cuban Academy

My name is Alicia and since a very early age I decided music would be a central part of my live.

From the age of seven my parents showed me in a Cuban Academy in my city all the instruments they offered and they introduced me to the teachers. My first teacher was impressive: positive, hard-worker and like a second mother. I learnt with her the most important and basic musical things: the love of expressing emotion and stories in music and a correct position of the hand and body. I was always curious to play and learn more and more, no one ever forced me. I feel extremely lucky for that.  I’m still really passionate and willing to learn the most I can and I’m also very curious about how the learning process in the brain is and how can we, as musicians, can help others with music.

Classical music

I’ve played Classical music for seventeen years but, since last year, I wanted to learn other genres and more music diversity (such as tango music, latín, flamenco or jazz). This is why I’m doing now a Master in the World Music Department at WMDC (Rotterdam). I’m a open person, positive, hard worker and responsible person. I want to do my best for others in my lessons and I’m interested in how the student feels in their process of learning.

Piano lessons & music theory

I’ve been playing in different stages and festivals around Europe and I will continue doing while continuing my job as a teacher and my education. I’ve been teaching since five years ago different people, specially young students but also some adults. I can teach both piano, practical harmony in the piano and music theory. I have plenty of material to give to my students and improvising or composing will be also a part of the lesson sometimes if the students wants.

You are very welcome to come and try with me a lesson! Please, ask if you have any question and I will be happy to answer the sooner I can.

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