Aleksandra Tonelli

Pianoles, muziektheorie en songwriting in Rotterdam Delfshaven en via videoles

Pianoles in Rotterdam – Klassiek, Tango, Pop

Ga je voor het eerst pianoles nemen of wil je het pianospelen weer oppakken na een lange tijd? Ben je gevorderd en wil je andere stijlen leren spelen? Ik ben Aleksandra Tonelli, kom uit Buenos Aires, heb een jaar in Londen gewerkt en gewoond en ben super gemotiveerd om met je te beginnen.

Pianoles voor kinderen en volwassenen

We werken aan een ontspannen houding achter de piano, onafhankelijkheid van je motoriek en klankvorming. Ik geef je tips hoe je het beste kunt oefenen en je merkt je vorderingen meteen! Zo blijf je gemotiveerd!

Who am I?

I am a superior piano professor of classical music and I have started teaching in 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my home country. In the first semester of 2018 I worked as a full-time piano teacher in WKMT Piano Institute in London, UK, where I have trained and developed my pedagogic skills working with students from all around the world. This experience allowed me to mentor from professionals to early ages with very diverse backgrounds. I continued my project in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where I finished my masters in Piano Tango and Jazz Composition (CODARTS), and where I decided to stay and share my knowledge and experience with new dutch and international students. These are the kind of experiences worth working for, and that confirm my engagement to my pedagogic aims.

What is my musical background?

I have started my music career in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studying classical piano. I graduated with honours as a superior piano and music professor from the Buenos Aires Superior Conservatory of Music “Ástor Piazzolla”. I also studied music composition at the National University of Arts (Argentina). I specialized her studies in latin american and argentinian music. I also studied tango and latin folk music with top performers pianists in the field.

Throughout my career I performed in great theatres and festivals in Argentina and worldwide: Santiago (Chile), Paris (France), London (UK), Rotterdam (Netherlands), like the International Tango Festival of Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Kirchner, Estadio Municipal de Peñalolén, St. Cuthbert’s London, De Doelen Rotterdam, Musis Arnhem, amongst others. I also worked as a session musician for ensembles of different musical genres. I was also winner of the national subsidy by the National Institute of Music of Argentina (2018), winner of the Scholarship Scaramuzza’s piano technique of WKMT studios, London, UK (2018), winner of the Holland Scholarship by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (2018) and finalist of the Grada Van Beek-Donner Scholarship (2018 and 2019). I have just finished my Master of Music in World Music (Piano Tango / Jazz composition) at CODARTS University of Arts, studying with Mgtrs. Gustavo Beytelman and Paul van Brugge.

My current occupation as a working musician has to be with to projects: as an arranger and leader of tango quintet Quinteto Irreal and the piano 4-hands duo Palacio Alsina.

About my lessons

What do you want to learn?
I am dedicated and enthusiastic Rotterdam based piano, harmony and music theory teacher. Vast experience with different ages and levels, and also different backgrounds. I gave lessons in Buenos Aires, London and now Rotterdam.

Online Piano Lessons
I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions! Book a trial lesson or buy to check it out!

To become an all-round musician students need a range of interlocking skills – in performance, technique, notation, and listening and musical perception – as well as knowledge, understanding and creativity. ABRSM exam preparation possible!

Teaching & Learning Music
Music is a way of finding how to express yourself in a specific language, and it is at the same time a fun and fascinating process. It is also a tool to improve intelligence and creativity. As a music teacher, I face a challenge every time I train a student, because learning music and learning piano implies a very personal development.

Classical to Pop
We will make use of progressive piano methods to master the classical piano technique. Tuition materials cover easy songs and exercises, etudes, scales, chords, and tailored to your needs preparatory/easy/advanced concert pieces and sonatas.

Piano Tango
Being also a tango pianist performer and composer, and I can help you to unveil the tango style through different arrangements and accompanying models. I have a method that involves both things also with musical features.

Adults: you will learn a classical basis, how to sight read fast and basic technical skills. Also we will complement this with rhythm exercises, music is time! After this introduction we will start to build your learning according to your musical goals.

Depending on the age I have different pedagogic strategies. I think is advisable to complement piano learning with music theory, so I always add this type of exercises to the lessons. But the most important thing is that is an effective and enjoyable process… music is fun!

I am a classical music professor so I can help you to develop your technique and musical understanding. We can work on specific classical repertoire and we will also analyse the pieces. I can introduce you also to tango style and technique.

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