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Thuisstudio Gerrit Jan Mulderstraat
vanaf€ 20per 30 min.
Thuisstudio Gerrit Jan Mulderstraat
vanaf€ 20per 30 min.

Two worlds

I was born within two worlds, the East and the West; the folklore music of central Greece and the classical one. A major factor in the formation of my musicality comes from the tight relation of my family with Greek traditional music. However, the music of any kind was always welcome at my home. Inspired by my father who is also a singer, I got involved in singing in choirs and started piano lessons. Opting for singing was a choice that gave me the freedom to express my mind.

R’n’B & Latin

At my first piano lessons, I realized how music is put on paper and the importance of it. At about the same time I started singing in the school choir of my secondary school and I continued being between the lead voices of the high school choir. That was the point where I practiced the different voice harmonies and got over my teenage shyness by singing in front of the public. At the sweet age of 14, I developed a special interest in R’n’B and soul music. Later on, I got involved in the pop and rock scene but suddenly, Latin jazz music attracted my interest.

One of the reasons why I fell in love with Latin music is because I feel that each emotion is manifested at its maximum glory. Latin music is a mixture of cultures and backgrounds; it is the fusion of European harmony brought to the colonies with African sounds or even Cuban Caribbean sounds brought to New York.

Singing as a vocal discovery

I consider myself a people’s person. When teaching I have the need to welcome the student into a safe environment of acceptance where music can happen. In order for the student to let go of personal timidness, mutual trust is the only thing which comes with time. I want to be there for my students’ needs, to coach them when I believe I can suggest esthetics and profoundly teach them the technical aspects they should know so as to develop a healthy instrument.

Because I have been singing various styles through my career, I believe I am quite a chameleon in the sense of singing different styles (Latin, Brazilian, Jazz, Pop, Greek). In my lessons I find  helpful to use some mini percussion so that the singer can establish an internal metronome. I am very supportive with each individuals’ needs and goals, that is why I always make a personal profile of my students and their progress and also ask them to design their personal dream board.

Singing for me is always a vocal discovery and this is what I would like to help my students achieve. The basic and essential idea is to develop a healthy instrument with which  you can express through the good and bad days. I have been studying with different teachers around the Netherlands (currently studying at Codarts) and Greece and during this time I have realized that learning can happen everywhere and to everyone. I always use a combo of methods and adapt at the personal needs of the student.

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