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Thuisstudio Nieuwe Binnenweg
vanaf € 19 per 30 min.
Thuisstudio Nieuwe Binnenweg
vanaf € 19 per 30 min.

Funk and Latin guitar

My name is Renzo Navone. I am a guitar player from Uruguay who has been studying music in different places like Lanzarote, Barcelona, and Rotterdam. During my education, I learned different styles of music as funk, blues, jazz, fusion, classical music, and South American folklore that I can share with you. I always had a particular interest in guitar. My father plays it as well, so I grew up with the sound of the guitar. Playing guitar was just the most natural option since there was a guitar at home from the beginning. Nowadays, I am learning some other instruments like Cuban tres, congas, or timbales. Still, I can’t imagine myself changing my principal instrument.

Classical guitar lessons

We would work mostly on south American folklore. While always focusing on the traditional technic, which will help you to get an excellent sound on your instrument while you play entirely relaxed. Being relaxed while playing will avoid possible injuries. Some styles you could play within different countries;

Brazil: many people know samba and bossa nova or Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Toquinho… who are all world-known artists from Brazil. But Brazilian music goes much farther than that, you can also find beautiful music such as Baiao, Maracatu, Choro, Afroxe and much more!

Cuba: the guitar in Cuban music is not so standard anymore. Back in the time in the son montuno or guajira, for example, there was always one or two guitar players together with the Cuban tres. Besides that, there are many guitar players like Nico Rojas or Leo Brower. They wrote and arranged a lot of beautiful Cuban pieces for classical guitar, which are really fun to play. It is also possible to adapt any style such as changui or nengon.

Besides Cuban and Brazilian music, there is a lot more to learn about South American music. Take these composers that write for a guitar like Antonio Lauro and Aquiles Baez from Venezuela, Cacho Tirao from Argentina, Joao Pernambuco, Dilermando Reis, or Baden Powell from Brazi

7 string classical guitar

The 7 string guitar has an essential roll in some Brazilian styles. Still, you will find it always in choro since it has an extra bass string, it allowed you to play some bass lines that are typical in choro music or some other styles.

Electric guitar lessons

The electric guitar is mostly known for the function it has in funk, blues, rock, fusion, and jazz. Nowadays, it is also used in new trends of south American music, as of timba in Cuba, MPB, or samba in Brazil… and it has an entirely different role than classical guitar or 7 string guitar.

If you think the electric guitar might be for you, don’t hesitate to contact me! I can teach you if you’re a total beginner or if you want to prepare the audition for a music bachelor. Last but not least, if your guitar needs to be restored or set up, I can also teach you how to do it yourself and get your instrument in the best condition it can be!

Music production lessons

Would you like to record your music but you don’t know how to do it? In my lessons, you will learn what kind of equipment you would need for your home studio, microphones, and the different types, cables, interfaces, and software. You will need to record yourself with excellent sound quality, and learn how to use Pro Tools and it’s plugins.

Music theory lessons

Learn all about harmony, how to use it in different styles, and apply it in your instruments within various forms.

Solfege/ear training is essential to be able to recognize melodies, chords, and rhythms easily. Since your ear will be your basis to realize how you should play a song, piece, or style of music, everything in music start from your ear!

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