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Thuisstudio Mathenesserweg
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Thuisstudio Mathenesserweg
vanaf€ 20per 30 min.


Hey! Are you interested in the guitar? Whether your goal is to play the chords to your favorite songs, play a shredding metal solo, improvise over jazz tunes, create and record your own music or even pursue a professional career as a musician, there’s only a couple of things you are going to need. Luckily those are mainly your hands, your ears, and your enthusiasm! But the right teacher can also help things along.

So hi! My name is Philip, and I have loved the guitar since I first heard rock music as a kid. I have been playing for more than 20 years now and teaching for 15 of them and there is no feeling like helping a student walk down the path of joy, personal growth, and self-discovery that is music! No matter if you are a total beginner or already an advanced player together, we can get closer to whatever your goals are with lessons that are responsive to your skills, interests, and of course, time. What I offer:


I give lessons for the student at any level in the style of music that you like. For the beginning student, we will start from the basic technique and build towards mastering the repertoire of your choice. For the advanced player, we will learn how to develop even further your melodic and harmonic sensibility, your time-feel, and your ability to improvise.

If you are more interested in distorted, shredding guitars and down-tuned riffs, we will work on your picking, sweeping, tapping, and all other extended techniques also for 7 and 8-string guitar players.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t even know what harmony is or if you are already writing your own 12-tone rows. There is no end to how you can express yourself with it! We will explore the colors and beauty of harmony from its simplest forms to the most contemporary experimental ideas out there!


We will learn about song structure and how harmony, rhythm, melody, and words come together to create a good song by analyzing and learning from your favorite musicians.

If you are a lyricist, we will work on how to better express yourself in your lyrics and the things you can improve, always according to your style.

And if you like writing raps and spitting bars more than singing songs we can go deep into styles, metaphors, setups, punchlines, flows, rhyme-schemes, time feel, and generally how not to be wack!

Ear Training/theory

You will learn how to play music just by listening, starting from simple melodies, and working towards being able to figure out entire songs by ear.

Also, you will learn how to read and write music, how all the musical elements we learn are named and how and why they work together in the way that they do!

Music Technology/recording

No modern music education is complete without learning how to use technology to make your ideas come alive!

We will learn how recording works and what skills and tools are necessary to get started. Record your voice or instrument and learn how to use the most widely used Digital Audio Workstations to turn your ideas into full songs.

I teach all the courses connected with instrumental lessons but also as independent subjects.

About me

As a kid, I started with Classical Guitar lessons, and through the years I have attained a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Guitar, an Associate’s diploma in Electric Guitar Teaching as well as diplomas in both Classical Harmony and Counterpoint.

I have also attended loads of courses and seminars on Music Technology, Music Education, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, Alexander Technique, Mindfulness Meditation, and Psychology.

As a performer, I have played internationally with musically diverse groups ranging from Jazz, Funk, Soul, and RnB all the way to Extreme (really extreme) Metal, as well as Hip-Hop groups both as an instrumentalist and as a Rapper.

Music has been a continuing source of inspiration in my life and I can’t wait to share what I’ve discovered and what I keep on discovering every day with you!

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