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Thuisstudio Leo Hornstraat
vanaf€ 20per 30 min.
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Thuisstudio Leo Hornstraat
vanaf€ 20per 30 min.


It is essential for me to teach by transmitting serenity and a desire to challenge ourselves in personal musical growth. When we play music, we do not have to think about technical stuff of mechanical issues, we need to think about music, art. This is the approach I want to give you, developing all the technical issues (such ear training, breathing, body posture and instrument technique), we can think about just to having fun while we are playing, and that’s what makes difference from a “Instrument Player “and a “Musician”!

My experience of Classical and Jazz studies, and the numerous masterclasses carried out throughout Italy and abroad, allow me to have a good knowledge of the various techniques to play the different musical genres you wish to learn or deepen.
Classical studies allow me to know exactly how to produce a beautiful sound from the instrument and stay relaxed, jazz studies and my experiences in almost all musical genres, allow me to teach you how to remain flexible mentally and physically.
When you get to the point where when you play you just have fun, you have serenity and you only think about the music, then it means that you have had a good teacher!

Very important for me is to make a good relationship between the student and the teacher, I want to be your guide, but this is an exchange of ideas and energy, like everything in our lives, WE are in the same page, together to love music.

Trombone for any level

In Italy I taught in 4 different schools of music, there I had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience with students of all ages and all levels. I have had many children pupils, who approached the trombone or another brass instrument for the first time, as many amateurs of all ages who needed a guide for their path, but also adults with a great knowledge of music, who wanted to perfect themselves and find inspiration to cultivate their passion.

If you are approaching the Trombone for the first time, there are NO requirement, book your trial lesson and you will try the instrument at my place, then if you want to progress you will need to buy your own instrument. If you are an amateur or you already study in another school but you want to perfect yourself or you need any help for any issues, just come by and we will see together your level and what you need to improve. Many masterclasses all around Italy and abroad taught me that every student is different, and a teacher can change your life just by saying the right sentence, we will work together.

I have several methods to study any technical issue of the trombone, and a lot of inspiring exercises, we will find together the books that fit you better. To have a proper education, I take care about ear training, singing, and of course breathing and body posture as well, I want you to feel good with your instrument and to approach to the music in a relax and funny way.

Trumpet and all brass instruments

I started my musical path playing Euphonium and my very first period, and I always wanted to be able to play all the brass instruments. I play Trumpet in some projects of mine here in Holland, for Jazz and Pop bands, and I’m studying Trumpet in a musical way to be professional in stage with it.

My classical studies gave me a good knowledge about the “Brass Technique”, mainly for Trombone, Trumpet and Tuba. I can teach you how to make sound in the proper way to don’t have any problems in the future, and we can find out together what you need to reach the level you desire.

I can let you try the Trumpet in your trial lesson, but I do not have the other instrument, in the case of Euphonium, Flugelhorn, Horn and Tuba, you must bring your own instrument from the beginning.

In this course we will take car about the quality of the sound, the way you make sound, general techniques and develop of musicality. We will always touch some things such Ear Training, Singing, Breathing, our goal is to reach an healthy way to play, developing all the musical skills you need.

Basic Piano

I studied classical piano in the Conservatory in Italy, there you have to study piano for about 3 years, learning the good technique, coordination and reading.

I can teach you how to put your hands on this instrument in the right way, how to read music sheets and we will develop your coordination step by step.

We can approach all the kind of songs you want, from Pop to Jazz and Classical. If you want to learn the song you are listening and singing all the day, here you can have a guide to do it properly and having fun!

Basic Guitar

I play guitar since I was really young, but I never did an academy course for this instrument. I play this instrument with a couple of band, one of Mexican music, and the other about Pop music.

I can teach you how to start to know the instrument and to play the firsts chords, we will develop your coordination and work together to have good skills on the instrument. We can learn to play the songs you like and if you desire it we can even lear how to sing while playing guitar, that is wonderful!

Preparatory for children

I have been doing this subject in Italy for a few years in 2 different schools, with children aged 4 to 8, but there is no real age limit.

In this course you will learn to approach music. We will sing, listen to music, play percussion, flutes and have fun.
My goal is to give the child good energy, make him have fun and at the same time begin to build a solid foundation for his musical growth.

We must not forget that when a child plays a lot of music, his intellectual and cognitive abilities become more active and faster. It is therefore important to guide the child in the right direction right away. Keyword of this course, having fun!

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