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Etelka Roza

Goed met kinderen
Locatie Loosduinsekade
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Locatie Loosduinsekade
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Hi, my name is Etelka, and I’m excited to share my passion for music with you! I was born in Hungary, and started playing the flute there when I was 9 years old. I had great teachers, who meant a lot to me. Not only on the lessons, but they had a big influence on me in general. Amongst other things they gave me the key to express all my emotions via the flute, and that was a big help through my whole life.

I did my bachelor studies in “chamber music playing and flute teaching”. All through the university years I got the chance to teach little children already from 7 years up to adults. I early got a whole flute class to guide in a music school. I gave one to one lessons, and chamber lessons as well, including the flute octet which was so much fun with my dear group. My master studies I did in Italy, in Trento, where I specialized in modern music, but I also could keep on playing everything else as well. After the master diploma I came to The Netherlands, to study in the Koninklijke Conservatorium in Den Haag, and decided to settle here. I learned dutch to a basic level for the moment, I speak Italian, also to a basic level. I‘m fluent in English and Hungarian.

Next to teaching and studying, I was so lucky that I very early could start playing music in theaters. I started when I was a kid, and it became a very important part of my life. I got the chance to play different styles and setups, I played some of the most beautiful operas but also nice pieces for children.

Connecting with others

Generally speaking,I have to say, flute playing is a tool for me to make the bigger picture. It’s so much more than just playing the right notes in the right moment. While practicing I learned a lot about myself. What all I can achieve, and what does it take to get the most out of myself. How to put my thoughts and emotions in playing. While playing for myself it is almost like meditation. Then while performing to others, it is all about giving and taking, letting everything out what I have inside.

The most important for me is to connect with others. With my students, with the audience, with my musician partners, etc… My goal with every lesson is that we leave each other with the feeling, that we built something together what gives a plus to our lives one way or the other. If in the meantime we learn the right fingering, thats good. But it’s more important that we connect.

Flute and recorder lessons (dwarsfluit- en blokfluitlessen)

I happily teach any age. Adults are just as welcome as adults. There is beauty in every way. It helps if before you come to me for the first time, you think very well, what is what you like in music. What does it do to you? What do you feel when you hear your favourite pieces? I try to get to know you well enough, to pick the most helpful way to reach the goal we set together.  Maybe classical pieces will be your way. Maybe you are more into jazz. Or maybe something total different. We will find it out together. I will help you with my knowledge of the physical part as well. I will let you feel where your air goes, and what does it do to your body. I will also show you a lot of examples while discussing one topic or another. Together we will make sure that you find peace and joy in playing music.

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