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Locatie Wijkcentrum Charlois
vanaf € 19 per 30 min.
Locatie Wijkcentrum Charlois
vanaf € 19 per 30 min.

Let’s play&learn together!

Hi everyone! I’m Elena, I play the clarinet, I’m 25 years old and I come from the Basque Country, in Spain. When I was 8, I had the opportunity to try many different instruments offered in my town’s school of music before choosing a main instrument. Well, I didn’t have so much criteria of music or sound, but as every child, I knew what I really liked. And as soon as I saw the black, dark clarinet with all its brilliant keys, with a smiling teacher playing it, I was really attracted to it. From then until now, I have grown up as a musician thanks to that attraction which continues alive inside me. My learning process has always been inspiring, I am lucky I had really good teachers. And I have always been wondering how all those teachers have connected with me and taught me all the clarinet and music principles.

How it works!

I like organizing my lessons into three parts:

  • Clarinet basics and techniques: here we learn a bit more about the instrument and how we can better our playing.
  • Playing the music you choose: Any style is welcome! classical, jazz, klezmer, pop, film music… I can advice you and give you material as well.
  • Playing together: That’s my personal favorite. We can play some duets or learn through listening/playing games. It’s the best way to learn and love music and the study of!

Individual proces

Of course, this is just a plan. The lessons will depend on what you want to learn! I consider teaching an individual process, adapted to every person, and I’m here to help you with what motivates you. So you are free to choose. I can teach you clarinet but I can also help you with some music theory, both in English or Spanish. I can lend you one of my clarinets for the trial lesson, so if you have never played the clarinet, you don’t have to worry about the material at the beginning.

Waar heb je les?

De lessen vinden plaats bij Locatie Wijkcentrum Charlois in Rotterdam. Na het boeken ontvang je een mail met de benodigde contactgegevens.

Wat zijn de lesprijzen?

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