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Thuisstudio Meeuwerderweg
vanaf€ 20per 30 min.
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Thuisstudio Meeuwerderweg
vanaf€ 20per 30 min.


I am a Master program student at the Prince Claus Conservatoire of Groningen within the Jazz Department. I have taken part in many different musical and pedagogical contexts, such as teaching children collective classes or rather individual ones for adults and adolescents.

During the last 8 years of my life I have been focused on developing my musical and pedagogical career, supporting it by an important library of academical material and a long experience in terms of managing the particularities of every student and his/her needs.

I am an active and a determined person and I always put the student´s concerns and interests on the first place, driving the lessons in a way she or he can actually grow in musical and personal aptitudes doing what they really want to do.

Musical / Teaching Background

I have been playing the saxophone since I was 6 years old as the result of being surrounded by a family that is passionate about music. All along the process of learning and studying music I would carry on my other studies for 12 years in total before entering my music Bachelor´s.

During those years I received a classical music training consisting on the instrument practice (individual and collectively) and a whole program focused on providing control over music theory (how music works), history of music, piano lessons and so on.

In the meantime, I got really attracted by the clarinet and so I started taking lessons and that lasted for 6 years. On the other hand, my interest over composition matters has always increased and that made me play the piano more and more till the moment I was solid enough to teach it (mainly for beginners).

I have self-taught many things on music, specially from the moment I decided to set the classical training aside and to enter the modern and jazz language in a more conscious way. This is the reason why I have been able to observe carefully the process of learning and the most accurate strategies in order to get results. Through all this reflective path I have been lucky enough to teach and to share my personal process with others, polishing my teaching and communication skills and shaping a stable method that works with all kind of profiles. (More on the fundaments of the lessons below)

The lessons

I am offering physical and online lessons in Music Theory (harmony, composition, solfège…), Improvisation and Instrument (Saxophone, Clarinet and Piano).

Lessons are addressed to every student profile, regardless of age, level of expectations (no matter if it is seen as a hobby or rather if the individual is getting prepared for official Conservatory auditions, etc.).

We will play and/or focus on what the student wants/needs to go deep in (whatever music style of his/her interest, more theoretical aspects or rather practical ones), trying to obtain the maximum profit from the employed time, and placing as our priority the actual learning of the person as the main factor for her/his motivation.

*I could provide the student a loan instrument for the trial lesson.

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