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Thuisstudio Hudsonstraat
vanaf€ 20per 30 min.
Thuisstudio Hudsonstraat
vanaf€ 20per 30 min.

I chose to sing because of the power and beauty of lyrics and because I was intrigued by the fact that, unlike other instruments, we cannot see nor touch our vocal cords and all the parts of our body involved in the production of sound. It motivated me to get more knowledge, try out different methods and approaches, going to masterclasses, etc.

While learning different styles of music, the techniques had a fundamental place in my routine and I found out that, with the right teachers, it can be so much fun! It is all about exploring our possibilities, our body and mind, being open to getting out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. When singing becomes part of our life, it brings so many good things with it (besides fun, of course): self-awareness, confidence, open-mindedness, good posture & healthy use of our speaking voice.

The guitar has also been a fundamental part of my life since I was 9 years old. I developed a very good technique as a comping guitarist (I first followed classical studies for 5 years), learning different styles such as swing, bossa nova, funk, fingerstyle, etc. It allows me to play many concerts as a solo artist!

In my lessons, I like to focus on: the discovery of our inner instrument, its mechanisms and how to control them to make them functional to the performance; the method which allows us to approach any new tune, learn it quickly so that we can focus on challenging aspects, expressivity, articulation of sound and syllables, exploring the many ways to sing the same tune to finally make it our own song.

The reason why I like teaching is simple: I was born with some talent, but nothing came easy to me. I had to work hard on each and every aspect to develop a professional level and, even more important, my artistic personality. The challenges I went through allow me now to understand the student and how to help him/her in its personal way (everyone needs a different, personalized learning path). Therefore my specialty is providing my students with a vocal technique which will let them sing any style they wish and become the artist they want to be.

Besides singing I have a deep knowledge of theory, arranging, and songwriting.

The best thing a student can do to prepare the first lesson is: bring a song and all your questions/wishes!

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