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Thuisstudio Patijnstraat
vanaf € 19 per 30 min.
Thuisstudio Patijnstraat
vanaf € 19 per 30 min.

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Hi, my name is Adam and I love the guitar! It is such a cool instrument and it is something anybody can learn how to play with the right guidance.

A little about me…

I started on the air guitar rocking out in front of the mirror as a kid and never looked back. I received my BA in jazz from Leeds College of Music in 2013 and graduated with an MA in jazz from Codarts, Rotterdam in 2017. I perform internationally and I have won several awards as a guitarist, most notably the Eric Kershaw Prize (2013) and the Jimmy Woode Award (2014). As well as performing and composing I have been teaching for nearly 10 years now.

Ik kan ook lessen in het Nederlands geven, als je mijn Engelse accent niet erg vindt 😉


There is nothing quite like learning a musical instrument and I love helping guitar lovers of all ages achieve their goals! Whether you want to accompany yourself singing, play a face-melting solo in a rock band, learn how to play the jazz classics or just have fun it is all possible through our lessons. The guitar is such a versatile instrument and we can explore the magic of it together.

What I offer


We will start with the basics of picking, strumming and fretting. We will start with single notes and build up to learning how to play the chords to your favourite songs!

For more advanced students we can look at how to take your playing to the next level and even check out some cool extended techniques.


We will learn the basic techniques needed to have a good sound and a healthy voice. We will sing along with well-known songs and maybe even look at writing songs!


We will look at song structure, lyric writing, melody and harmony and how to combine all of these elements to create a song. For beginners we will look at rhyming patterns, simple cadences and catchy melodies.

For more advanced students we will delve deep into storytelling, advanced harmony and developing an individual identity as a songwriter.

Music theory

We will start with the basics of rhythm, harmony and notation. You will learn how to read music and understand the theory behind music.

For more advanced students we can explore modulations, inversions etc.

Waar heb je les?

De lessen vinden plaats bij Thuisstudio Patijnstraat in Rotterdam. Na het boeken ontvang je een mail met de benodigde contactgegevens. Let op: wegens de coronamaatregelen kan de docent aanbieden om de lessen op dit moment via video te laten verlopen.

Wat zijn de lesprijzen?

Bezig met laden..

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